The Snowboard Game

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The Snowboard Game


The snowboard game is a realistic skill based snowboard game with natural physics set in multiple immersive mountain locations and snow parks.

Make epic stunts in the backcountry or just hang around in the park.

Create your own snowboard career in story mode where you meet other enthusiasts and pro boarders that will challenge you to learn new tricks or just get down the mountain. Complete missions, compete in online events or player created challenges to earn money, fans and equipment.


Experience the mountains together with your friends.


The Snowboard Game

Let it roll AB

Indie game developer in Skövde, Sweden. Currently I'm the only one working on this (Marcus Forsmoo). The story behind the Snowboard Game started a long time ago for a Unity Contest. It's self funded and the road was long to release this game.

Let it roll AB

The old blog has some history of this game


  • Title: The Snowboard Game
  • Developed by: Let It Roll AB / Marcus Forsmoo
  • Release: March 2018
  • Steam: Steam Store
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Contact: